Zavvaku Civilization
General Information
Homeworld Angion
Intelligence Sapient
Biochemistry Carbon-based lifeform
Biological Information
Locomotion Quadrupedal movement
Feeding Behavior Omnivore
Lineage Information
Cultural Information
Alignment Neutral
Personality Industrious traders
Language(s) Zavvukki
Affiliation(s) Great Trade Organization
Capital City Zavvaku City (or ZC for short)
Sociocultral characteristics
Scientific Taxonomy
Other Information
Creator Somarinoa

The Zavvaku are a species of spiral-legged sapients who consider ingenuity and profit to be the most respectable avenues one can take. Their currency is known as zuan.

Sporepedia DescriptionEdit


The Zavvakus of planet Angion finally bested the rival races and began a civilization. Commerce quickly became a focal point, and many citizens became traders in profession.

Tribal Era Edit

Members in order of birth Edit

Civilization Era Edit

Cities Edit

Zavvaku - ZC Final

Zavvaku City.

  • Zavvaku City: Also known as ZC for short, Zavvaku City was the first city ever built on Angion. They were destined to also become the ruling government on the planet, although not before several thousands of years of contending with ten other nations. Their anthem is called "Press That Money", and remained their anthem through their civilization and into their interstellar era. Its citizens are referred to as ZCitizens.
Zavvaku - Sanny Final

Sanny under ZC rule.

  • Sanny: The second nation to pop up - Forest - built Sanny after observing the inhabitants of the world's first city, Zavvaku City. They also constructed their culture to be similar to Zavvaku City, causing them to be Industrious as well. Their inspiration would cause them to feel benevolent to the inhabitants of Zavvaku City, and Sanny would not only be the first to open up trade routes with ZC and the other nearby nations that would sprout up, but also would be the first nation to be purchased by ZC. Their anthem was called "Welcome to Sanny", and stayed in place when ZC bought the nation. Its citizens are referred to as Sannyites.
Zavvaku - Shoeng Final

Shoeng under ZC rule.

  • Shoeng: The third nation to spring up - Orange - built Shoeng, which would become the planet's second super power, behind ZC. Like nations that would follow them, they looked up to the inhabitants of ZC, however their technology was based instead upon that of the Sannyites while their culture was instead militaristic by nature. They invented powered oceanic travel and built the first off-shore spice derrick. Eventually the Shoengese would bring war to Macus and eventually take it over before turning its eyes across the sea to Phran and overtaking it, as well. After purchasing Sanny, ZC would turn its eyes to Shoeng and quickly set up a trade route with them as well; however this trade route would fail when an epic Spince Sawtank would be attracted to ZC's trade runner, which would lead the monstrosity into the undefended city of Shoeng. ZC, not wanting any more of its citizens to perish, chose to leave Shoeng to its fate and moved on to Orange Nation's secondary city, Macus. Shoeng would lose control of Macus willingly to ZC, and unwillingly lose Phran to an Orontorez crusade. Djibon and Shoeng would go to war over the spice derricks, and while ZC sought to end the war by cutting off Djibon's ability to build ship fleets, Shoeng still fell during a desperate attempt to retake Phran from Orontorez. Their anthem was originally "The Clenched Fist of Progress", but this was replaced with "The Iron Will of Shoeng" during their dark days following the constant daikaiju attack. Even this anthem was eventually replaced by "A Thousand Worlds of Hurt" upon its conquering by Djibon. The anthem was reverted its original anthem upon its purchase by ZC, as per ZC's policy. Its citizens are referred to as Shoengese.
Zavvaku - Macus Final

Macus under ZC rule.

  • Macus: The 4th city to ever spring forth on Angion, Macus was an economic nation created by the Crimson Nation. The warrior tribes of Shoeng saw the Macusians as an easy target and brought war to their people, quickly taking it over roughly the same time that ZC would come to purchase Sanny. Orange Nation's militaristic ways would lead to little happiness of the Macusians in following years, with little entertainment and high emphasis on factory production to try and compete with ZC. The Macusians were then forced into service to the Shoengese to bring war to Phran, their neighbor across the sea. The unhappiness of its citizens would lead to protests of the Macusians, who would then begin to riot in the streets when word reached them that the Orange Nation was failing to protect its own homecity, Shoeng, from a monster attack. It was at this time that ZC stepped in and offered to purchase Macus as a way to aid the Shoengese, giving them the funds they would require should they choose to save Shoeng. Once ZC owned Macus, it was converted from a military city back to its economic roots, and the citizens were immediately appeased. Its anthem was "The Glory of Macus", but was temporarily replaced with "Tempered Fist of Shoeng" during Shoengese occupation. It was reverted when ZC purchased the city. Macus now serves as the scientific hub of Angion. Its citizens are referred to as Macusians.
Zavvaku - Djibon Final

Djibon under ZC rule.

  • Djibon: A militaristic city founded by the Yellow Nation and the world's third super power. They possessed impressive military strategy, and built their city-state within a swamp to bog down any potential threats, while building their structures on massive pillars both to keep them above the water as well as to make invaders have a difficult time reaching the structures. The equally-militaristic Shoengese would often joke that the yellow of their flags was an interpretation of their cowardice (hiding away upon stilts); however, the Djiboni saw it more as warning colors, taking them from a poisonous creature that inhabited their swampland home. They would first bring down Grevingvi in order to utilize their coastal city to build seafaring vessels. They would next take down Kipei. While they asked ZC to go to war against the crippled Shoeng nation, ZC refused but lent Djibon several thousand zuan for their planned war efforts, mainly to remain in their good graces. Soon afterwards, Djibon initiated its war plans against Shoeng and begun the 2200 year long Great Oceanic War. To attempt to keep both nations alive, ZC bought out Grevingvi from Djibon with the hopes of ending the feud by cutting off Djibon's access to the ocean, but Shoeng still fell to Djibon, bringing the first end of a super powered nation. Its citizens are referred to as Djiboni.
Zavvaku - Porti Final

Porti under ZC rule.

  • Porti: A religious city founded by the Blue Nation. Their technology was based upon that of the Sannyites; it is believed that they were founded by religious individuals who left Sanny on a pilgrimage to find their place in the world. While they mostly kept to themselves and somehow managed to remain unscathed by Djibon's onslaught, they would begin a quiet war against Orontorez after growing tired of the zealous nation's crusade against Phranics. They invented the first hover technology that would eventually see use in Angionese spacecraft. Faced by opposition in the form of two super powers - Djibon and Orontorez - during the Great War, Porti reluctantly allied with ZC with hopes of saving itself. Upon official declaration of alignment with ZC and realizing ZC was allies with the other two nations as well, Porti volunteered its absorption into ZC with the hopes of convincing the other two nations to do the same and bring about the peace Porti had hoped for through their religious beliefs all along - it worked. Its citizens are referred to as Portians.
Zavvaku - Phran Final

Phran under ZC rule.

  • Phran: An economic city founded by the Purple Nation. It lasted only a short time - 700 years. The Macusians, having been conquered by the Shoengese, were made to aid their new masters in conquering Phran, as well. However Orontorez wanted the city for itself both for its strategic value as well as the Orontorez's zealous belief system leading them to believe they had to purge its citizens of the taint of military might; Orontorez would finally take the city after 6600 years of combat. Desperate to retake the city and keep their foothold, Shoeng tried to retake the city, with Macusian vessels aiding with a trade route; Shoeng would fall before it succeeded, leaving Macus to reap the benefits of claiming the city on its own. Phran's original anthem was "The Horizon Holds So Much", until it was replaced when Shoeng occupied the city with "The Promising Future of Phran". This was then replaced with "The Source of All Things" by the Orontorez during Orontorez occupation, and the anthem was finally reverted to its original one when ZC finally bought out the city. Its citizens are referred to as Phranics.
Zavvaku - Grevingvi Final

Grevingvi under ZC rule.

  • Grevingvi: An economic city founded by the Pink Nation. It would not be long before it was taken over by the Djiboni, who transformed it into a military society and their forward command post. During the Great Oceanic War, ZC saw the Grevingvids protesting their forced use as cannon fodder sailors against the Shoengese; ZC used its Macusian yachts to set up a trade route with Grevingvi and quickly bought it out from under Djibon in an attempt to end the feud between Djibon and Shoeng and keep two client nations; this attempt failed, but Grevingvi was saved from a militaristic life and was converted back into an economic nation. Its initial anthem was "Lifeblood of the System" until its occupation by Djibon. While Djibon replaced this "wimpy" anthem with their own "Like a Tsunami", ZC reverted the anthem upon purchasing the city in its attempt to help appease the populace and make them feel important. Its citizens are referred to as Grevingvids.
Zavvaku - Kipei Final

Kipei under ZC rule.

  • Kipei: An economic city founded by the Brown Nation. It followed in the footsteps of the Djiboni, but did so with the intent of protecting its coffers as well as its citizens. Unfortunately for them, the Djiboni did not take kindly to this "technological thievery", and eventually attacked the city-state, leveling it in their own name yet rebuilding the structures the same, as a way to symbolize that "Djiboni technology is Djiboni's alone". When Djibon surrendered to ZC, Kipei came with them and was converted back to its economic roots to help fund the weapon technology that would be utilized by the Djiboni guardian task forces that would be placed in orbit around Angion should the proposed space program come to pass. As such, Kipei now manufactures much of the planet's weaponry. Its anthem is known as "Coffers in the Sky", a haunting melody that was surprisingly left as-is during the prolonged Djiboni occupation. Its citizens are referred to as Kipeians.
Zavvaku - Orontorez Final

Orontorez under ZC rule.

  • Orontorez: A religious city founded by the Red Nation, commonly referred to by the shortened form "Oronto". They were initially complacent and let other city-nations go about their business without interfering in any fashion, and it was during this time that they invented holographic images, perfecting it to allow projections hundreds of times the size of the object projected - it was exclusively used during Mass, to preach to the populace. Unfortunately for some, seeing Phran get attacked by the combined armies of the Shoengese and the Macusians led the then-current Orontorezzer pontifex to consider them abominations to their god and all creation, thus initiating a 6600-year crusade against Phran in the belief that the populace must be cleansed. This led to a bitter rivalry with Shoeng, and unintentionally the dissolution of the Shoeng nation. A rival religious nation, Porti, begun a cold war with Orontorez as well, indicating that Orontorez's civilization was not well liked on the planet (Djibon was willing to absorb them as with all other nations and ZC was cautious of them yet wished to turn a profit). While considering ZC to also be unclean and unfaithful, the two nations struck an alliance of sorts and Orontorez allowed ZC to purchase Phran from them. Their anthem was "The Source of All Things", which was also used during their occupation of Phran. Seeing Porti volunteer to be absorbed by ZC during a Portian attack on Oronto, the Orontos became suspicious and also volunteered their absorption, expecting to learn of whatever plans against them Porti had had (and to thwart them by being part of the ZC empire as well). They soon realized that this was Porti's intention all along, and Orontorez was unable to release itself from the contract. Its citizens were the most unwilling participants in the formation of the Zavvaku Empire, but they came to fully accept this fate and over time their religion merged with that of the Portians to form a solitary peaceful religion. Orontorez now manufactures much of the planet's instruments, and roughly half of the planet's sermons take place within its halls. Its citizens are referred to as either Orontorezzers or simply Orontos.

Space EraEdit


  • Alteusa: The very first colony ever created by the Zavvaku, placed upon the T0 world of Antana in the Bultea system. It produces red spice.

Chronological Timeline Edit

Cell stageEdit

  • 0: Dolb survive meteoric panspermia and begin to quickly proliferate in the environment of the oceans of Angion.
  • 500,000,000: Protojadenzi evolves.
  • 1,300,000,000: Jadenzi evolves.

Creature stageEdit

  • 1,572,000,000: Quidgers make landfall, and begin their lineage's conquest of the land.
  • 1,598,000,000: Quidgers begin to interact with the Juvener, leading to the two species allowing one another in their nests.
  • 1,666,000,000: Turtes evolve.
  • 1,691,000,000: Turtes directly cause the extinction of the Proto-Fishy.
  • 1,705,000,000: Turtes begin to interact with the Zluggs, leading to the two species allowing one another in their nests.
  • 1,716,000,000: Turtes begin to travel in packs when away from the nest. Away packs consist of only two individuals.
  • 1,808,000,000: Bunkas evolve.
  • 1,822,000,000: Bunkas begin to attack Hydro Cell 1s.
  • 1,865,000,000: Josuscot evolve.
  • 1,882,000,000: Josuscot directly cause the extinction of the Cyto-Sor.
  • 1,930,000,000: Josuscot directly cause the extinction of the Kamurok.
  • 1,957,000,000: Josuscot directly cause the extinction of the Terachardia.
  • 1,957,000,000: Josuscot become significantly more intelligent.
  • 1,987,000,000: Josuscot directly cause the extinction of the Moolar.
  • 2,022,000,000: Josuscot begin to migrate inland, and start building their nests within the forest edges and fertile steppes nearby as opposed to the nearby upper beaches.
  • 2,113,000,000: Speria evolved.
  • 2,113,000,000: Speria begin to travel in larger away packs than their ancestors, up to three individuals per grouping.
  • 2,154,000,000: Speria being to interact with the Barlowen, leading to the two species allowing one another into their nests.
  • 2,191,000,000: Speria directly cause the extinction of the Formicidasapiens.
  • 2,191,000,000: Speria become significantly more intelligent.
  • 2,216,000,000: Speria directly cause the extinction of the Duroli.
  • 2,238,000,000: Speria directly cause the extinction of the Ranasapien.
  • 2,264,000,000: Speria being to travel in even larger away packs, now moving in packs of up to four individuals.
  • 2,410,000,000: Vessan evolve.
  • 2,423,000,000: Vessan directly cause the extinction of the Sludgehockers, a race brought to the planet by some unknown entity from the planet Slashbaar - it may or may not have been the Grox.
  • 2,423,000,000: Soon after the extinction of the Sludgehockers on the planet, a strange flying "creature" appears in the sky and surveys the area - little do the inhabitants know that it is in fact a Grox ship.
  • 2,474,000,000: Vessan begin to interact with the Nosolkar, leading to the two species allowing one another into their nests.
  • 2,536,000,000: Vessan directly cause the extinction of the Ground Barnacle.
  • 2,536,000,000: Vessans gain semi-sapience, and begin to evolve into the Zavvaku.

Tribal stageEdit

  • 2,539,650,000: Zavvaku discover fire, leading to the beginning of the tribal era.
  • 2,539,660,000: Zavvaku begin to wear clothes, as a way to enthrall potential allies, intimidate foes, protect themselves and carry food back to camp.
  • 2,540,300,000: Yuruba reaches maturity.
  • 2,540,360,000: Carah is born.
  • 2,540,470,000: The Zavvaku-Tufur War begins. It would last for 460,000 years.
  • 2,540,930,000: The Zavvaku-Tufur War ends with the extinction of the Tufur.
  • 2,540,930,000: Bredens & Auscodo are born, proving to be the first known twins in Zavvaku history.
  • 2,540,990,000: The twins reach maturity.
  • 2,541,320,000: The Zavvaku-Argmeleon War begins. It would last for 16,690 years.
  • 2,541,640,000: Feradents reaches maturity.
  • 2,541,740,000:

    Ramas, Tromin's gas giant.

    Feradents is the first to question what is beyond the world, mentioning the local gas giant, Ramas in his discussion. He spends his entire life curious as to what was beyond, making him the Zavvaku's first astronomer.
  • 2,541,950,000: Pereysab is born.
  • 2,557,020,000: The Grox descend upon Angion to witness the Zavvaku tame their first domesticated livestock—Shallies. Apparently either interested in what the Zavvaku have domesticated or angry that the Zavvaku are obviously sapient now, the Grox abduct the Shally and depart from Angion. This event very quickly makes its way into Zavvaku mythology.
Zavvaku Gathering Cane

A Zavvaku use their gathering cane to collect fruit.

  • 2,557,060,000: Gathering canes are invented.
  • 2,557,170,000: The Zavvaku begin to domesticate the Pearadiavius.
  • 2,557,210,000: The Zavvaku are successful in domesticating the Pearadiavius and bring them into their tribal grounds as livestock.
  • 2,557,280,000: Tigandu is born.
  • 2,557,310,000: The "brown tribe" bring the Zavvaku a peace offering gift to celebrate their alliance.
  • 2,557,420,000: As before the "brown tribe" bring their allies, the Zavvaku, a gift of celebration.
  • 2,557,440,000: The Zavvaku-Lavender War begins. It would last for 1,240,000 years.
  • 2,557,710,000: After thousands of years of an uncomfortable stalemate, the Zavvaku-Argmeleon War begins to pick up pace again as the Argmeleons witness the Lavenders attacking the Zavvaku and believing this would be their opportunity to finally end their enemy.
  • 2,557,940,000: The Zavvaku suffer heavy losses from the Zavvaku-Argmeleon War.
  • 2,557,940,000: Meroptons is born.
  • 2,557,940,000: Badens matures.
  • 2,558,010,000: After 16,690 years of conflict, the Zavvaku-Argmeleon War finally comes to an end with the extinction of the Argmeleons. Upon returning from the final conflict, the tribe's warriors see an epic Artott watching the battlefield with curiosity. As the Zavvaku pass by, the Artott surprisingly does not act aggressively towards them. This spawns the beginning of Zavvaku religion, which would progress into its apex during the civilization period.
  • 2,558,070,000: The "pink tribe" offer the Zavvaku a peace offering gift to celebrate their alliance.
  • 2,558,410,000: The Zavvaku begin to domesticate the Horned Lilisaur as a third form of livestock.
  • 2,558,680,000: Wanting conflict to come to a stop, the Zavvaku come up with a brilliant way to end the Zavvaku-Lavender War—thus the Zavvaku-Lavender Peace Concert takes place. At the end the two species depart as uneasy allies.
  • 2,558,730,000: Over the last 5,000 years the Zavvaku and Lavender slowly become closer to one another, and several more concerts are held. At the end of this period, the two races have forged a friendship that would last until the Lavender's untimely extinction.

Civilization stageEdit

Zavvaku City Founded

Zavvaku City is founded.

  • 2,558,738,000: The original tribe of Zavvaku invent the concept of a city, and Zavvaku City is born. This name comes from the fact that other sapient races existed at the time still, while the Zavvaku wished to preserve the knowledge of who built the city to their descendants. Ironically, the Zavvaku would be the only surviving sapient race in not too many more years...
  • 2,558,738,000: The style of the Zavvaku changes, ushering in a new sense of fashion.
  • 2,558,738,300: The Zavvaku invent land travel, with the creation of the PR Speedster. Initially a hand-cranked device, it would soon evolve to run in a manner analogous to a motor vehicle.
  • 2,558,738,400: The Zavvaku collaborate to create the idea of a mall environment, where shopping can all be done in a single structure. This structure is named the Towers of Expenditure.
  • 2,558,738,500: Nuclear fusion is suddenly discovered, through a process which also refines spice. This two-pronged effect causes the creation of the Spice Fusion Plant, which then begins to provide power to the masses, providing its civilians with easy electricity.
  • 2,558,738,500: With the invention of easy-to-come-by electricity, suburbs spring up. The Residential District is a successful venture, and many inhabitants begin to reside in such locations.
  • 2,558,738,700: ZC, still the only city on Angion, commissions the invention and placement of 4 spice extractors to better obtain spice from spice geysers.
  • 2,558,739,500: Trade routes between ZC and Sanny open up.
  • 2,558,739,500: The city of Djibon is founded.
  • 2,558,740,800: The city of Phran is founded.
  • 2,558,741,300: Sanny is purchased by ZC.
  • 2,558,741,500: Phran is conquered by the Orange Nation.
  • 2,558,741,500: The city of Grevingvi is founded.
  • 2,558,741,800: A trade route between ZC and Shoeng is proposed by ZC.
Zavvaku Shoeng Attack 1

Shoeng is attacked and leveled by Xivvo for the first time.

  • 2,558,741,800: The ZC-Shoeng trade route is abruptly brought to an end when a PR Speedster from Sanny brings the attention of a nearby monster, which destroys the ZC PR Speedster and then proceeds into Shoeng, beginning Shoeng's decimated downfall.
  • 2,558,742,500: A formal alliance is forged between ZC and the Orange Nation.
  • 2,558,742,900: A trade route between ZC and Macus is proposed by the nation of Zavvaku City.
  • 2,558,743,400: A trade route is finally forged between ZC and Macus amidst the Macusian riots.
  • 2,558,743,700: ZC offers to buy Macus from the Shoengese and calm the riots for them. Shoeng accepts, as they have a bigger problem on their hands - their homecity has been under attack by a giant monster for hundreds of years now, destroying anything new that they come to build and decimating its population.
  • 2,558,743,800: ZC finally fully converts Macus back to its economic roots, bringing an 'abrupt' end to the unhappiness of the Macusians.
  • 2,558,743,800: The Yellow Nation attacks Kipei, using its combined forces from Djibon and Grevingvi to level it.
  • 2,558,743,800: The Zavvaku of ZC have plans for the Macus docks; inspired by a species of fish-equivalents in the marketplaces, they construct company yachts to spread their commerce to the planet's other supercontinent.
  • 2,558,743,800: Phran is attacked by the zealous forces of Orontorez.
Zavvaku Attack on Kipei 1

Kipei falls to Djibon.

  • 2,558,743,800: Kipei finally completely falls to the Yellow Nation, and is rebuild as a military base of operations for the growing superpower.
  • 2,558,748,500: The first discussion of things like recycling, microscopic organisms and the philosophical theory that everything is being controlled by a much larger being outside what would later be understood to be the universe, begin within the borders of Macus. This leads Macus to become the planet Angion's leading science division during their stellar and later their interstellar era.
  • 2,558,749,100: Djibon, having watched the citizens of ZC and knowing that both Shoeng and Phran were under attack, contacted ZC and asked if they would go to war against Shoeng. While initially torn due to knowing that the Djibon government was larger and would last longer, ZC eventually declined the offer, leading to somewhat worse relations between the two nations for a few months, before the ZC government paid that of Djibon 7,998 zuan for their war efforts, cementing an alliance with the Yellow Nation.
  • 2,558,749,100: Immediately following the official declaration of alignment, ZC proposed a trade route between the cities of Macus and Grevingvi, made by boat. Having only just allied with the original nation and due to them not declaring war on Shoeng, Djibon was skeptical at first and stated they had to consider the offer. During this time, Djibon through way of Grevingvi takes over the very first spice derrick ever built on the planet, angering Shoeng as due to their capitol city's horrible situation, they had actually moved hundreds of citizens to live on these derricks, hundreds of miles away from the encroaching daikaiju that threatened their home. Hearing about the attack, Shoeng responded by sending in their own fleet of paddlehawks, leading to the Great Oceanic War.
Zavvaku Ocean War 2

A rogue Shoengese rocket about to kill two helpless and drowning sailors.

  • 2,558,749,100: Realizing that the seas could soon become a deathtrap for those not involved in the war, the ZC government orders the Macusian yachts to quickly move in on Grevingvi, despite that the battle was taking place right outside its borders in the surrounding waters. They were hoping to succeed in buying out Grevingvi and ending the two factions' war prematurely while maintaining two clients to sell to, instead of being reduced to one. The first battle of the Great Oceanic War is short but sweet, and the yachts arrive just in time to see the last aquatic enforcer be destroyed, with its 5-Zavvaku crew bailing overboard - the other two vessels had only recently been sunk but it was too late for their crewmen. The yachts approached the survivors, but were surprised as a Shoengese rocket smashed down upon the remnants of the ship, exploding and killing two of its crew. One was immediately picked up while the other two had to be chased after to be brought on board. These survivors were taken back to Grevingvi harbor.
  • 2,558,749,100: Having witnessed the risk the ZC took to save Grevingvid citizens, the ruling Djiboni government immediately accepted the trade route proposal.
  • 2,558,749,500: The Great Oceanic War had continued for 400 years, mostly in the way of random skirmishes across the sea; Shoeng this entire time showed their prowess for combative superiority and had sunk every last Grevingvi aquatic enforcer, leading to hundreds of Grevingvi casualties. As such, the Grevingvi populace grew despondent and depressed, watching Shoeng kill their beloved brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers aboard the enforcers. During this time Shoeng pushed to take back their ancient derrick as well. Djibon pushed Grevingvi to continue the battle, leading to the yachts from Macus being their only means of supplies.
Grevingvid Protester

A Grevingvid protestor during the protests.

  • 2,558,749,500: The Grevingvi Protests occur, in which the citizens declare their growing distaste for the overbearing Djiboni government and their growing preference for the ZC, who kept them fed and clothed and many times, alive during the Great Oceanic War.
Zavvaku Ocean War 4

Paddlehawk Down.

  • 2,558,749,500: A solitary paddlehawk attacks the ancient derrick, and in response the Grevingvi send an aquatic enforcer out to deal with it as the Macusian ships disappear along the horizon. The ship takes heavy damage from rockets smashing into their hull, and realizing their fate has been sealed, they launch a final rocket, which finally destroys the derrick put in place by the Grevingvi naval fleet earlier. Right as a final rocket from their solitary enemy barrels down upon them, they release their own derrick deployment pod onto the spice node, reclaiming it for Shoeng but sacrificing the lives of all three sailors on-board. These three sailors become heroes in the annals of Shoengese history. This event becomes known as Paddlehawk Down, and is played to the Shoengese and the Phranites under that title in motion picture format. It tops the charts as best picture produced on Angion for several decades. Due to its intense popularity amongst the more militaristic societies on Angion, it is remade many times throughout the years; it is released every decade at least once following the incident, as motion picture technology improves.
  • 2,558,749,800: Porti invents hover technology, and equips it to their land vessels, known as the Zulag Slogger. It is often used to study local wildlife, such as the Krugg. They are notable for their extremely fast speeds thanks to a lack of terrain to contend against.
  • 2,558,750,200: Kipei discovers a cure for blander, a debilitative disease that ended in 80% fatality rate within 10 Angion years. Due to an alignment with its ruling government, Djibon, ZC and by extension Sanny and Macus also receive the cure, although it is directly withheld from Shoeng and Phran due to their ongoing war. Porti and Orontorez do not get direct access to the cure but are allowed to pay excruciating prices for cure administering within the Djiboni cities. ZC chooses to withhold the cure outwardly, yet sells it in back alleys to the Shoengese and Phranite citizens for the profit of it. The situation is kept under wraps from the Djiboni government as ZC plays both sides.
Zavvaku Porti Takes Spice

Having heard enough of Orontorez's purported insanity, they take one of the nation's spice extractors by force.

  • 2,558,750,500: Porti unofficially declares war against the Orontorezzers when they send two of their Zulag Sloggers to overtake an Orontorez spice refinery out of the blue (no pun intended as Porti is the "blue nation"). This was inspired in the Portian mindset due to seeing the Orontorez as horrible zealots due to their hundreds-of-years-long crusade against Phran, leaving their citizens at home to suffer as their most capable citizens were sent into Phranite territory to forcefully convert them to their religion as a way to "cleanse" them of Shoeng's military might. Porti is quiet about their attack, but it does not go unnoticed for long when the spice from that refinery stops rolling in.
  • 2,558,750,600: After 6800 years of crusading, Phran finally falls to the brunt of the Orontorezzer warrior-missionaries, making Orontorez the fourth super power in the world - much to the chagrin of Porti, whom had just begun war with them 100 years prior. Immediately setting their sights abroad they construct a vessel they had developed plans for years before - a vessel known as the musing mariner. Filled with Phranite escapees, three still-docked Phranite paddlehawks immediately attack the first musing mariner out of dry dock. The musing mariner attempts to convert the citizens lying within the paddlehawks but they are unswayed. A fourth paddlehawk, returning from a mission out at sea related to the Great Oceanic War, sees what has occurred and fires the final rocket that destroys the musing mariner prototype. All three crewmembers perish fire their ejection seats to try and survive, but two are hit directly by incoming rockets. The third is knocked unconscious as the fourth paddlehawk drives over him, smashing him in the skull with a paddle; he is subsequently eaten my local carnivorous ichthyoids.
  • 2,558,750,600: While Grevingvi (or rather, Djibon forceful hand at Grevingvi's trigger) attempts to take back the ancient derrick with another of its aquatic enforcers, Macusian yachts arrive at Grevingvi with goods. Grevingvi rejoices and ZC sees its opportunity to snag the city out from under Djibon's iron fist and possibly bring a premature halt to the Great Oceanic War. Djibon accepts ZC's offer of 32,000 zuan, and hands over rule of Grevingvi.
  • 2,558,750,600: Once more, the rulers of ZC quietly reveal their true nature, and work to return Grevingvi to its original societal design - that of an economic society. Unbeknownst to the other nations, ZC has long set its eyes on returning Phran to its former economic glory, especially now that it is no longer ruled by the Shoengese.
  • 2,558,750,600: While the Great Oceanic War is not actually stopped, the Djiboni nation are no longer able to build more ships, quietly turning the war in favor of the Shoengese. However, ultimately this would not save Shoeng.
Zavvaku 1st Flight

The world's first test flight occurs at Grevingvi.

  • 2,558,750,620: At Grevingvi, ZCitizens and Macusian scientists mix with Grevingvids to make a first test flight. It goes very well, yet ZC for some reason holds back on the technology; it is believed this was because some ZC heads believed that the ongoing wars would become far too devastating should one or both sides obtain the power of flight. As the legacy of the then-current ZC head was to sell everything instead of progress further in his nation's own technology, he seemed to not have final say in the government's ultimate decision. He was widely considered a fool for doing this, and the nation of ZC - nor any other nation - would not reach air until shortly before the planet's first launch into space.
  • 2,558,750,900: Grevingvi is finally successfully reintegrated as an economic nation. While the Shoengese and the Djiboni nations both are still great allies to the nation of ZC, the Orontorez see their expansion as a threat yet their failure to commit to the air as a sign of potential weakness. They become neutral to the efforts of ZC, being the first nation ever to do so. ZC catches wind of this and seeks to remedy the situation, however; they fear little as Shoengese paddlehawks protect them from the coastline on routine patrols while Djiboni war limos protected them from the surrounding land area (even though war limo divisions were at the time concentrated around Kipei, this still lay between Orontorez territory and that of ZC).
  • 2,558,750,900: ZC contacts Orontorez; the pontifex immediately gloats over their successful crusade over Phran, as a sort of roundabout way to threaten or warn the ZCitizens due to ZC's known alignment with Shoeng at the time of the takeover. The then-current head of ZC quietly thinks the Orontorezzer pontifex a fool; it had taken them over 6,000 years to take over a single city, and the crusade itself left Orontorez in a state of self-induced famine during that time. However, the ZC head initiates a plan to quietly take Phran from the zealots, whose citizens were not buying as much ZC/Sanny/Macus goods and services, believing (or rather, feeling they were required to believe) that the Source would provide most of what they needed to them. Providing ample funds to the Orontorezzer pontifex (hereafter referred to as the "Orontifex") causes the semi-corrupt Orontifex to consider ZC to be less of a potential threat due to being "dumb enough to hand money over to a perfect stranger". He ends his neutral feelings towards ZC and eagerly hopes to receive more funds from the foolish nation; his wishes would soon come to pass.
Zavvaku Phran Falls 2

Shoeng retaliates against the Orontorezzer occupation of Phran.

  • 2,558,751,000: Shoeng returns to Phran, sending rockets in its direction in order to retake the city from those to took it from them. Little do they know that their long-time allies, the ZCitizens, also plan to take Phran as their own. In response, Orontorez finally releases a second musing mariner to deal with the ancient Phranic ships that had fled the area; however, its sailors immediately flee the battle after realizing who is piloting the Shoengese vessels. These Shoeng ships, now emblazoned with memorial insignias to indicate that they are the same ships, were purposefully sent back to Phran manned with crews from the lineage of the survivors of the crusade. This is not only for retribution's sake, but also tactical in nature - Shoeng believes that sending angered sailors trained to hone that massive frustration can battle much better than those who weren't descendants of those who suffered at the hands of Orontorez. Seeing the gallows that hang from below the current Phranic structures only further angers these citizens.
  • 2,558,751,000: Not wanting to miss their opportunity to take Phran for themselves as quickly as possible, Macus contacts Phran during the Shoeng attack. Despite the static interference, Phran gets the message and wires to Orontorez about a proposed trade route. Having only just begun to consider ZC to not be a real threat, the Orontifex sits on the idea until his death.
  • 2,558,751,000: Macus sends yachts to Phran to try to levée a response on the trade route. the Shoengese ships are surprised to see the yachts arrive in the area and immediately wire them about the potential danger and their plan, but the yacht crews assure the Shoengese that they are there to help save the citizens; the ensuing confusion of two groups "working side-by-side to work against one another" would confuse the Phranic occupiers and would make Phran's fall all the easier with even less innocence annihilated in the process. Shoeng agrees to this idea and the Macusian ships are allowed to contact Phran about the proposed trade route without interference from the Shoengese.
  • 2,558,751,300: The Orontifex's successor finally responds to the request. Seeing propelled rockets constantly falling upon Phran, he accepts the offer, considering Phran potentially lost anyway and so they may be either able to receive supplies against the Shoengese threat or instead pawn the city off onto ZC should the battle turn heavily in favor of Shoeng, causing ZC to essentially lose the city instead of Orontorez, who could then go in with more forces than Shoeng would have left and clean them out of the city and retake it again.
  • 2,558,751,300: During a routine trip to Phran for their trade route, the yachts notice that the Shoengese vessels are acting more desperately than before. The Shoengese ships do not respond to hails, and so the Macusian vessels shrug their shoulders and continue with their mission. On their way away from the coast to head back to Macus, they finally receive word from the Shoeng ships - the vessels state that they themselves had only just heard - Shoeng had finally fallen to Djibon. The ZC-owned ships were shocked and alerted the ZC head, who insisted on taking the Shoengese ships back to port at Macus where they would be stored in dry-dock to prevent their potential destruction, while the Shoengese citizens from the vessels would be allowed to quietly integrate into any ZC-owned society of their choosing. They accepted this offer, and over the next several months, fleeing Shoengese refugees crossed into ZC-owned cities (almost exclusively into Sanny and ZC; Macus was much further to travel than either of those two cities to be practical and only surviving crews from other paddlehawks and refugees from the derricks made it to Grevingvi).
  • 2,558,751,300: The Great Oceanic War ends after 2200 years of conflict with the elimination of Shoeng, the orange nation.
  • 2,558,751,400: In a proposal made with the remaining Shoeng refugees, and to increase their own wealth (but mostly for the sake of the surviving refugees...probably), ZC sends its main yacht fleet from Macus to occupy and utilize Shoeng's northern spice derrick location, which Djibon had not yet reached as it was far from their borders. Plans to take the ancient derrick that the war was started over were also set into motion at the same time, building a small accompaniment of yachts at the harbor at Grevingvi and sending them there before Djibon could be arsed to stop subjugating the remaining original Shoengese populace.
  • 2,558,751,400: ZC claims the ancient derrick in the hushed name of Shoeng. It is renamed The Memory of Shoeng to honor the fallen nation.
  • 2,558,751,600: Without warning, Djibon sends one of its war limos to strike at Phran, starting a war between the two nations of Orontorez and Djibon while ZC is still in the process of a trade route to convince Orontorez to relinquish Phran to itself. While ZC is none too pleased at the result, it continues ahead with its trade route with hopes of beating Djibon to the punch. Talks of bringing down and absorbing the meddlesome Djiboni government begin to make their rounds in the penthouse offices of the heads of state. ZC begins plans to build a dirigible to quickly convince Phran to join their cause.
  • 2,558,751,700: In response to the attacks on its city of Phran, Orontorez sends a trio of Musicycles to convert the foolish Djiboni war limosine. In response to this act, Djibon quickly sends in aquatic enforcers to take Phran from the sea while the war limo keeps the musicycles from the city limits. This begins the Third Phranic War.
  • 2,558,751,900: As a new squadron of war limos reach the city limits of Phran and begin to attack, Phran finally becomes purchasable by ZC as Orontorez sees it as a potential lost cause (although they harbor plans to retake it shortly thereafter). As Phran's factory falls to Djiboni rockets targeting its massive pillars and bringing it down upon itself, the head of ZC contacts the Orontifex about the purchase of Phran. Seeing an opportunity to save face, they immediately accept and Phran finally falls under ZC rule. This abruptly ends the Third Phranic War due to ZC's alliance with Djibon - while a few rockets that had been in the air still fall upon the now-ZC-ruled society, ZC lets it slide. Work to convert Phran back to its economic roots begins immediately after the last rocket falls. Djibon and Orontorez continue to war within the borders of Phran, yet both make it a priority to avoid damaging Phran itself. The Third Phranic War dissolves into the Djibon-Orontorez Conflict.
  • 2,558,752,000: Phran is successfully converted into an economic city once more, and its original anthem is returned to it. The pillar-structures that had existed for so long in Phran are removed, as they have become a reminder of the Phranic executions of "the unclean" by hanging out trapdoors on the underside of the buildings that the Orontorezzers performed during their occupation. Many descendants of Shoeng and all descendants of Phran under Shoeng rule move into Phran's city limits. ZC becomes known as "the nation to bring peace to Phran".
  • 2,558,752,000: Amidst the many skirmishes of the Djibon-Orontorez Conflict, the Orontorez destroy a number of Djiboni tanks, and while Djibon remains on top of the war, Orontorez believes this is a sign that they are destined to win the war by their god. As such, they attack the same spice refinery that the Portians had overtaken 1500 years prior. Thus begins the Orontorez-Porti Conflict. The two conflicts combined would come to be known in Zavvaku history lessons as the Great War. Despite being the largest nation on the planet by that time, ZC officially stayed out of the conflict, yet was the only nation to do so. Instead, they operated behind the scenes, seeing the wars as both a commodity for obtaining money from three warring factions at once as well as a threat, should theories of nuclear weapons that had been tossed about in recent years come to fruition. ZC considers overtaking all three nations in turn to make certain that the planet was not destroyed, as Macusian theologists had laid down the theory that nuclear weapon usage could decimate the planet beyond repair...and if that were the case, who would provide the ZCitizens with their funds..? It just could not be allowed to pass.
  • 2,558,752,000: At the same time Djiboni intelligence reports this attack on a Porti refinery, and Djibon immediately seeks to claim a Portian refinery as well to even the odds against its foe. While Porti pushes the Djiboni opposition back, this causes the two formerly separate conflicts to merge into one, officially converting it into the Great War.
  • 2,558,752,000: Within only a months' time, Orontorez wrests its former spice refinery from Porti control.
  • 2,558,752,000: Sensing that this war may end with Porti being destroyed by either Djibon or Orontorez, ZC chooses to try and preserve Porti's way of life. While Porti and ZC had never had any interaction before and Porti was at that time neutral to ZC's cause, ZC saw profit in a religious nation under its proverbial belt, and considered Porti's religion to be far less destructive than that of Orontorez. As such, ZC sets into motion a possible trade route with Porti and anxiously awaits its response.
  • 2,558,752,500: Having witnessed what ZC had done with other nations it had begun trade routes with - specifically, the eventual and usually quick absorption of those cities in question - and the fact that Porti was an ally already of ZC, the head of Porti declines ZC's trade route request. In response, ZC offers them large amounts of cash to fill their coffers under the pretense of protecting them from both Djibon and Orontorez. This ploy succeeds, and after handing over 8,000 zuan, Porti begins to consider ZC a minor ally. ZC hands over a further 4,000 zuan in hopes that a second trade request would be accepted.
  • 2,558,752,700: The new head of state in Porti accepts ZC's offer for a trade route in direct contrast with his predecessor, partially because he considered the former head a complete fool and partially because he hoped to outfit Porti against two super powers bringing their brunt against his beautiful and prosperous, yet only 2nd world nation.
  • 2,558,752,700: Macus celebrates their having seemingly eradicated bander permanently.
  • 2,558,753,100: Feeling relatively safe with the monetary aid of ZC, Porti makes its first true assault, attacking the bordering nation of Orontorez in an attempt to convert the zealots from sadistic warmongers to peaceful neutrality. Not surprisingly, Orontorez responds to the preaching outside their city limits with violence. While the Portian holo-sermons succeed in causing massive riots in the streets, the Orontorez government holds onto their control, preventing Porti from a quick takeover, only prolonging the combat and whittling away at the Portian offensive task force.
  • 2,558,753,300: With their war efforts not going as smoothly as initially intended and with a refinery of theirs under attack, Porti formerly signs a peace treaty with ZC, cementing their alignment. Porti however believes that they have still won the Great War, and openly state their hopes to bring the entire world together as one. ZC agrees and the two nations begin to work to end all conflict, although several ZC heads of state are bitter over this concept as they find war itself to be more profitable than peace. Other ZC heads disagree, stating that with peace comes more population, and with more population comes greater profit margins. In the end, this latter group wins the argument with help from the calm and soothing mentality of their new Portian allies. Through this event, ZC successfully became an ally with all other nations on the planet, making their presence felt the world over and essentially making them an unstoppable force, as should one ally turn on them, two would be there to protect them, even if those two were not allies of one another themselves.
  • 2,558,753,300: Porti quickly gets absorbed by ZC, and its nation blurs until it is no longer considered separate from ZC.
  • 2,558,753,300: Surprisingly, Orontorez immediately follows suit, and they too become a permanent ally of Porti, hoping both to convert Portians to the ideals of Orontorez through "peaceful measures" as well as to help protect them from the warrior ways of Djibon, effectively believing that ZC will destroy Djibon if Djibon attempts to attack them.
  • 2,558,753,300: With no one left to fight and realizing how large ZC had become and how separated the three Djiboni cities were from one another - meaning that should battle take place between ZC and Djibon that Djiboni reinforcements would be far more difficult to administer to their forces - Djibon finally gives in, and contacts the head of Zavvaku City. The Djiboni supreme commander states that he understands where ZC's tactics are heading and that Djibon stands very little chance against the might of ZC should things come to blows. The supreme commander states that the best tactical course of action would be to join forces permanently and look ahead to the stars beyond the sky. ZC absorbs Djibon, yet an agreement is reached that Djibon would serve as Angion's main military might, operating as its primary space marine and orbital guard forces. Peace on Angion is achieved at last.
  • 2,558,754,100: As a unified nation, the Zavvaku Empire strikes out and claims all spice geysers on the planet.
  • 2,558,754,400: Seeing an opportunity to end Shoeng's dark ages, ZC orders the construction of turrets around the perimeter of Shoeng, and then asks volunteers to prepare to man the cannons, stating that it could very well be a suicide mission. Hundreds - almost exclusively Shoengese citizens - volunteer their lives and ZC orders one turret to fire on the daikaiju who had been threatening the town for eons, Xivvo. Xivvo is drawn to the city borders in an attempt to destroy the turret, and he succeeds; yet, he enters the range of a second turret, just as the ZC head's Djiboni tactician had advised. Xivvo is then shot at by both turrets at once, and is forced to destroy each in turn, with the turret that had been destroyed being quickly rebuilt and remanned before the next one was destroyed thanks to hundreds of repairmen. In the end, 52 Zavvaku died due to Xivvo's final attacks, but Xivvo itself was also slain, finally bringing peace to the people of Shoeng. ZC immediately orders the reconstruction of the entire city, which had remained usually barren due to Xivvo's efforts.
  • 2,558,754,450: Years of increasing the visual beauty as well as simple city layout tweaking of the various cities of Angion takes place over the next 250 years. Djiboni citizens become the happiest city on the planet.
  • 2,558,754,700: The enhancement of visual beauty of each city is finally completed.
  • 2,558,755,100: ZC gets attacked by a second daikaiju, a Campian Eyecon which becomes known as Gorvo. Using the tactics utilized to fell Xivvo years prior, Gorvo is eventually felled, though at the cost of 56 ZCitizen deaths manning the turrets and another 28 citizens who were crushed to death as Gorvo collapsed within city limits, unlike Xivvo who had collapsed outside. The last four of those deaths occurred at the same time as Gorvo itself succumbed to its wounds and perished. The sudden attack of Gorvo when it had been up until that point calm and complacent leads some Macusian scientists to consider the idea that the daikaiju may have been under the control of some even greater power all along. These scientists and a Shoengese task force kept their eye on the planet's only other daikaiju, a lawlmon that had become known as Sorrh. If Sorrh also attacked, it would "prove" the Macusian theory, and the Shoengese task force - named the Angion Defense Force (ADF) - would be there to bring down Sorrh as well.
  • 2,558,755,700: The Zavvaku finally invent air travel, creating the First Class Shipping jets to quickly ferry goods between the various cities, greatly increasing productivity.

Space stageEdit

  • 2,558,755,800: Only 100 years after advancing to the air, the Zavvaku manage to build a space-capable vessel known as the Price Gouger. Worried about the potential of the daikaiju possibly having been dropped onto the world by an extraangionestrial race causes many citizens to fear the concept of entering space, and to calm down the masses the economical prowess of Zavakku City combined with the military might of Djibon and Shoeng, the scientific know-how of Macus, the weapon concepts of Kipei and the philosophical ideas of fear from the religious states of Orontorez and Porti lead to the concept of a ship that appears to be a monster. That way they might be able to frighten away would-be ne'r-do-wells while their allies would know that the vessel bore no ill will and would still trade with them (and might even trade more as the Price Gouger could possibly keep things such as pirates at bay) - assuming of course that life existed off Angion, of course, as the majority of the planet now suspected was true.
  • 2,558,755,805: The Price Gouger is finally launched. It initially operates to try and get down space flight, while ground control keeps an eye and ear on them.
  • 2,558,755,805: In celebration of the first manned space flight, all ten cities on Angion release plasma orbs. Ground Control tells the pilot cadet to test out the flight controls while still in the atmosphere to keep from getting lost in space. Deciding to wow the world's populace, the captain chooses to fly through the orbs and break them up, much to the incredible excitement of the cities' populations below. The first orb is broken above ZC, followed in turn by Sanny, Macus, Phran, Porti, Djibon and Kipei. This day is later celebrated once a decade by the populace of Angion, flying extra price gougers through orbs in a similar manner. It comes to be known as Burst Day.
  • 2,558,755,805: Above Kipei ground control contacts the cadet again and tells him about scanning technology invented and finalized only just last week that has been placed upon the spacecraft. Stating that the object was invented just in the nick of time, ground control asks the cadet to scan a local species, which had been exhibiting odd symptoms, including but not limited to exuding a strange glowing trail in its wake. Fearing a strange pandemic at hand, ground control has the cadet find and collect the animal in question for study. The animals turn out to be a pair of Crystal Kings not far from Kipei, and they are quickly scanned.
  • 2,558,755,805: Realizing the species may be in some sort of genetic danger, the pair are abducted into the cargo hold of the price gouger. In the process a Pinjoop and a Krugg are accidentally picked up too, but are kept onboard. A second Crystal King also picks up a pair of Pinjoops as well. One of the Crystal Kings are released within the city limits of Macus for study.
  • 2,558,755,807: After in-depth study, it is discovered that the Crystal King is infected by a nasty virus-equivalent, which can jump species and quickly kill off the ecosystem if left unchecked. It is theorized that this may be the same virus that killed off the other sapient races thousands of years prior. It is stated as dire that the Mini Laser onboard the spacecraft be used to eradicate the infection at its source. Several specimens of the Crystal King species have been infected, and the cadet goes to eliminate the threat. The first is found near Sanny. The second is kept as livestock by the Lost Tribe, who are not happy about the death of their potential food, though they had been saved because of it. 6 are found clustered together along the coastline near Djibon, and all are slain, except for one companion of theirs who did not pick up on the viral scanner. For his efforts, the cadet is promoted to the rank of captain.
  • 2,558,755,807: The captain is informed of completion of an interplanetary drive, allowing space flight at sublight speeds.
  • 2,558,755,807: Potential first contact begins as ground control reports that Macusian astronomers have picked up strange signals from the nearby planet Solleston.
  • 2,558,755,807: Traveling to Solleston, the captain first scans two alien plants - an Erupti and an Expolosif. Within minutes of doing so, he discovers that the signal emanates from a wrecked ship, proving that life does in fact exist on other worlds; however, the inhabitants are long-since dead. Cryptic symbols can be seen etched on the ground, and while attempting to figure them out the wrecked ship opens up a tractor beam in reverse, sending up Proton Missiles and an Interstellar Drive. The drive has coordinates set to a nearby star system known as Borvan, located 1 parsec away from Tromin.
  • 2,558,755,807: Quickly arriving in Borvan, a local planetary scan only reveals a single world - Simuliovar. Immediately heading there in hopes of aiding another species, they are distraught to discover that something has already eradicated the species from the world. Not to be undaunted, they plan to scan the surface for clues and information; first they start off with the alien lifeforms on the planet, scanning the Dukette, Paddel, Xite, Critite, Eeegadds, Trofeet, Zona, Camerupt, Pelham, non-sapient Grimsnort, Black Swamp Boar and Orthosapien. The captain then finally scans the city ruins. He turns up nothing, but the scan turns on the city's defenses, awakening Halberg drones to defend the lost city. Sending a transmission to the price gouger, it - listed as "Avens" - mentions that it has mistaken the vessel for a Grox ship, and the price gouger is forced to defend itself as the drones initiate "self defense code Grox999", thereby destroying the drones. The captain then chooses to return to Angion to report his findings.
  • 2,558,755,807: Returning home, the captain explains the situation to ground control. They are amazed at the findings and warn of possible hostilities. They explain that Macus has completed a SETI tool for searching out life on other planets, but state that the reverse engineering being performed on the interstellar drive will take some time. Macus also states that they have developed a colony development machine - referred to as the Colony Incredi-PAK, has been completed and a group of Zavvaku have been drafted to form the first colony, with the idea of placing on a planet in the nearby Bultea system known as Antana. The captain is confused with why Solleston is not immediately chosen for the first colony, but complies with the mission, though he first has his vessel repaired.
  • 2,558,757,600: The captain immediately travels to Bultea, and explores the two outer worlds of the system - first Tayleshus and then Nabia before reaching Antana and placing a colony between two red spice geysers. He names the new colony Alteusa and returns to Angion, where he learns that Macus is in the process of constructing Angioniforming tools that can one day aid the Alteusa colony. Ground control instead states that there are more pressing matters at hand first, however: the Zavakku government had intercepted transmissions from an apparently sapient alien race, and wished the captain to locate them. He did so, discovering them within the Crahel system on planet Mictan.
  • 2,558,757,600: As usual, the captain chooses to avoid the mission at hand to explore the local environs, partially in order to get a better feel for his surroundings should something go horribly wrong. As such, the captain moves in on Scarus, a local wild planet. Here he finds only floral life, but all of it is alien to him - he scans the Butrilesque, Purtabella and the Stohrlie.
  • 2,558,757,600: The captain travels to Kimba next, the furthest world out in the Crahel system. Kimba is a barren wasteland and the captain leaves after his ship compiles a 3D map of the world.
  • 2,558,757,600: Gareleuse comes next, the first world of Crahel. While it is noted for its green spice, it is otherwise unfantastic and the captain leaves the world after creating a 3D map of it for his databanks.
  • 2,558,757,600: Again the captain ignores the SETI warnings and instead travels to Phion. The world is yet another T0 world wrought with cataclysms but infested with blue spice. With the map created of it, he finally moves on to Mictan.
  • 2,558,757,600: To the captain's surprise, the planet Mictan is not a colony world at all; the SETI tool was instead set off by a pile of giant gems, which the captain immediately takes on board and places in his storage hold. After studying the gems with scanning tools, he determines that they are tangeriamonds, a type of rare jewels. As a trader, the captain is pleased with his findings, despite the damage dealt to his vessel upon closing in with the ground.
  • 2,558,757,600: Realizing that the system is unclaimed, he returns to Scarus and adds the Shally to work on completing the local terrascore for the planet, with the intent on returning later and placing a colony thereon. To finish his work, he returns to Simuliovar and collects a Black Swamp Boar and then returns to Scarus, dropping it down and then a Budfrog that he had in his hold; however, the Budfrog is dropped on a geyser and rockets away from it from the pressure, hitting a nearby body of water hard and drowning. The captain, undaunted, makes the trip a second time, this time bringing a Critite and, on accident, an Eeegadds.
  • 2,558,757,900: The captain travels next to Thema-4 in his search for alien life, which is 1.05 parsecs away from his current location. However, Thema-4 turns out to be a Proto-Planetary Disk, and thereby useless to the Zavvaku Empire. With that, he instead heads to Phoeb-2 at 1.23 parasecs away. It only holds one planet -- Ergan, which the captain scans the flora thereon -- Creshcends and Brasstax. The captain first drops a Pinjoop and then leaves the system.
  • 2,558,757,900: Noticing his energy supply is running on half, the captain returns home to Angion, and picks up a Shally and a pair of Hayarris before returning to Ergan. Another run back to Angion garners a Horned Lilisaur, which is dropped onto Ergan. For the work mission control awards the captain a Zoologist 1 badge.
  • 2,558,757,900: With that under his belt, he moves on to the Tuchion system at 1.16 parasecs away. He explores the system. A signal of an object attracts him to Pyrenovana, but upon arrival scans turn up nothing. He then realizes the folly of his actions - it was a space pirate trap. He is forced into battle against them. The pirates turn out to have pathetically weak shielding and are annihilated quickly. The price gouger explores the rest of the system (discovering Gerspenge, Lumpp, Indian Rhinoceros and more Stohrlie on Khuaciuci as well as Mistletipps, Nemo's One-Eyed Mouse Pillar, Sperlawks and Grenitz on Kawyes), puts the two herbivores on the planet they weren't already on and departs.
  • 2,558,757,900: The Price Gouger returns home to pick up some species to plant on worlds. They choose the Horned Lilisaur, the Hayarris and, surprisingly, some tribal Zavvaku. He then returns to Khuaciuci and adds a Horned Lilisaur; before leaving he accidentally hits the release valve again, dropping another from orbit, killing it instantly. He travels to Kawyes and sets the last down on the planet. He then heads on to the Cerma system, 1.94 parasecs away.
  • 2,558,757,900: The Price Gouger explores the Cerma system. The third world, Quaramank, is discovered to possesss purple spice. The planet is cataloged for an intended colonial base.
  • 2,558,801,500: The captain of the primary Price Gouger, Yovosha, is promoted to recruit.
  • 2,558,801,501: Within a year of being promoted, Yovosha leads his ship back to Scarus to study its progress. He is shocked, surprised and intrigued to discover that Prima-Terroids have reached the tribal stage. After revealing this discovery to ZC main control, he is told that, while disappointing, this is an understandable development and that the Zavvaku will still have Quaramank and other systems to colonize instead, which produce much more valuable spice. Secretly, ZC plans ahead with discussions on if the Prima-Terroids should be eradicated or if they should be persuaded to align permanently with the Zavvaku Empire when they reach their own space era.
  • 2,558,801,575: New technology out of the Macusian science labs allow Zavvaku prolonged life; however, it is incredibly expensive and so it is not given to all citizens and the procedure is kept secret from those who are not considered for the treatment. One such individual is Yovosha, and he is given an essentially immortal existence both through the use of nanotech-aided cell regeneration and cloning procedures.
  • 2,558,801,700: Yovosha scans nearby systems to look for another sapient race. They soon discover transmissions emanating from the Colilin system, which is 5.36 parsecs away from Tromin. Since this world is still too far away for the Price Gouger to reach, it jumps between several systems to the locale, first hitting up the Timas system (1.61 parsecs away), followed by the Leodenda system.
  • 2,558,801,700: The price gouger arrives in the Timas system and explores the planets in an outward fashion, starting with Artes (discovering Occuvental, [Shambusk], Seekerbeast and Wild Horses), Deltmany (discovering Lingulus) and Mariarvade. The system is considered particularly uninteresting and is soon departed from.
  • 2,558,801,700: The price gouger arrives in the Leodenda system and explores the planets in an inward fashion, starting with Aschan (discovering Expolosif). A signal is detected on Audraariel, leading to an investigation. What is discovered is a fossilized tribal sheriff's badge, indicating that the planet once harbored life. The world is considered for later colonization due to green spice eruptions seen while on-world.
  • 2,558,802,700: Yovosha finally pilots the price gouger to the Colilin system to investigate the signals that were once heard emanating from the system. The Price Gouger discovers that the race is the Ossie, a spacefaring empire and still exists. Noticing the price gouger early in its approach, the Ossies send out an envoy to identify and communicate with the Zavvaku. Unfortunately, the Ossies prove to dislike strangers, but this does not cause a massive problem, as Yovosha speaks with humility, and luckily for him the Ossies see humility as the first step to accepting Spode. Asking about their people, he learns that the Ossies have known about the Zavvaku and are surprised that they do not follow Spode. In an attempt to further increase relations with their nearest neighboring empire, Yovosha asks if he can aid the Children of Spode. They offer him a mission to Vat Tego on the planet Aloyice in the Proyica system, located 2.03 parsecs from the local Colilin system. Accepting the mission given, the Ossies explain that the mission requires landing upon the world with an away team, and retrofit the price gouger with a teleportation device so its crew can leave while the ship is in orbit to perform the task at hand.
  • 2,558,802,700: Before heading to Proyica, the Price Gouger drops into Deibinni orbit and explores the world - the Ossies tolerate this, seeing the Zavvaku ship as a non-threat. The price gouger catalogs Occuventals, Kruggs, Terronian Defense Turrets, Frumptash, non-sapient Ailodon Deathlings, Amisettes, Stirrups, Dukettes, Manateeves, Nestelves, Gulls, Shrubbits, Maplis, Corukas, Starktos, Minichickens, Saurotitans, Last Resorts, Timber Domes, Timber Taverns, Timber Halls, TC2-OXE31s, Tiny-headed Omics, Wurlitzers and Naucean Reed Ships.
  • 2,558,802,700: The Price Gouger arrives in the Proyica system, and explores two worlds before attempting to arrive at their mission destination, just in case things get too hairy. First up is Hamind, where they discover Trofeet, Zonas before being shocked to discover non-sapient Zavvaku. This is reported to mission control, who log the event before telling Recruit Yovosha to continue with his planetary scanning. He does so, discovering Blue Nest Eggs, Quarinths and Moonshines before departing for the next planet, Avadnes, where a signal has been emanating from. This signal turns out to be from a Book of Chance, Vol. 10. Impressed with his deeds, the ZC head commissions Macus to begin development of a basic cargo hold so that the captain can bring forth more artifacts for the Zavvaku Empire to sell.
  • 2,558,802,700: The Price Gouger finally arrives on Aloyice and Yovosha beams down to Vat Tego alone. He discovers that it is a particularly friendly spaceport and he learns the ins and outs of adventuring from a few individuals. After doing so, the Head Bot informs him to return home to complete his mission; however, having received the mission from the Deibani, he chooses to return there instead. For his efforts, he is promoted to Runner status.
  • 2,558,805,400: On a trip back towards Angion, Runner Yovosha stops off at Audraariel upon hearing that it has just been colonized by the Ossies. Requesting a mission, the Ossie in charge states that they have a priest on Mariarvade who has built a Temple of Spode yet needs an escort due to the Black Claw. As it is directly on his path home, he accepts the mission and works his way in that direction.
  • 2,558,805,400: Upon his arrival in the Timas system, Runner Yovosha immediately moves to Mariarvar, only to discover that the Ossies have greatly altered its physical appearance, so much so that the alterations are extremely noticeable from orbit. He proceeds to beam down to the planet after equipping his new health regeneration equipment.


  • The spiraling legs of the Zavvaku was planned from the very start of the save file, although the exact physiology besides "spiraling legs" was worked on as the game progressed.
  • The Zavvaku are the fifth race to have been played in Spore by Somarinoa, preceded in this aspect by the Praazhm (computer stopped working); Zadej (played on someone else's laptop); Vhalslask (unwittingly saved at a point where the game was unbeatable); Knoderilsk (game crashed upon hitting civilization in an 8-hour failed attempt to receive Galactic God, as the game had not been saved, none of the information was kept); and the Beachcomber (attempt at playing through hard mode; game froze and file was lost at the start of the Creature Stage.

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