Synthwave Sanctuary
General Information
Series Disco Zoo
Genre(s) Zoo Simulator
Platform(s) PC
Media/Distribution Direct download
Series Information
Company Information
Developer Lunatic Entertainment
Publisher NimbleBit
Designer(s) Thor Steinbach
Other Information
Creator Somarinoa

Synthwave Sanctuary is a fan game created by Lunatic Entertainment set in the Bitizen universe of NimbleBit.



All of Disco Zoo's biome regions make a return to the game; these are Farm, Outback, Savanna, Northern (renamed in this game to "Boreal"), Polar, Jungle, Jurassic, Ice Age, City, Mountain, Moon, and Mars.


Several new biome regions have been added to the game, including a wide variety of time-based locations for rescuing extinct species. These new biomes are Cambrian, Devonian, Triassic, Cretaceous, Fantasy, Vuunega, and limited-time holiday regions that are only open for a month at a time.

List of ExhibitsEdit

Region Rarity Species Variants Puzzle Solution
Farm Common Sheep
Farm Common Pig
SS Pig Variants
Farm Common Rabbit
SS Rabbit Variants
Farm Rare Horse
SS Horse Variants
Farm Rare Cow
SS Cow Variants
Farm Mythical Unicorn
SS Unicorn Variants

Outback Common Kangaroo
Outback Common Platypus
Outback Common Crocodile
SS Croc Variants
Outback Rare Koala
Outback Rare Cockatoo
SS Cockatoo Variants
Outback Mythical Tiddalik

Savanna Common Zebra
Savanna Common Hippo
Savanna Common Giraffe
Savanna Rare Lion
SS Lion Variants
Savanna Rare Elephant
SS Elephant Variants
Savanna Mythical Gryphon

Boreal Common Bear
SS Boreal Bear Variants
Boreal Common Skunk
SS Skunk Variants
Boreal Common Beaver
SS Beaver Variants
Boreal Rare Moose
Boreal Rare Fox
Boreal Mythical Sasquatch

Polar Common Penguin
SS Penguin Variants
Polar Common Seal
Polar Common Muskox
Polar Rare Polar Bear
SS Polar Bear Variants
Polar Rare Walrus
Polar Mythical Akhlut

Jungle Common Monkey
Jungle Common Toucan
Jungle Common Gorilla
Jungle Rare Panda
Jungle Rare Tiger
Jungle Mythical Phoenix

Cambrian Common Trilobite
Cambrian Common Pikaia
Cambrian Common
Cambrian Rare Hallucigenia
Cambrian Rare Opabinia
Cambrian Mythical Anomalocaris

Devonian Common Ammonite
Devonian Common Errivaspis
Devonian Common Stethacanthus
Devonian Rare Drepanaspis
Devonian Rare Dunkleosteus
Devonian Mythical Ichthyostega

Triassic Common Procompsognathus
Triassic Common Lystrosaurus
Triassic Common Coelophysis
Triassic Rare Cynognathus
Triassic Rare Postosuchus
Triassic Mythical Tanystropheus

Jurassic Common Diplodocus
SS Diplodocus Variants
Jurassic Common Stegosaurus
Jurassic Common Compsognathus
Jurassic Rare Dilophosaurus
Jurassic Rare Pterodactylus
Jurassic Mythical Dragon

Cretaceous Common Hadrosaurus
Cretaceous Common Ankylosaurus
Cretaceous Common Deinonychus
SS Raptor Variants
Cretaceous Rare Tyrannosaurus
SS T-rex Variants
Cretaceous Rare Triceratops
SS Triceratops Variants
Cretaceous Mythical Therizinosaurus

Ice Age Common Woolly Rhino
Ice Age Common Giant Sloth
Ice Age Common Dire Wolf
Ice Age Rare Sabertooth Tiger
Ice Age Rare Mammoth
SS Mammoth Variants
Ice Age Mythical Paraceratherium

City Common Raccoon
City Common Pigeon
City Common Rat
City Rare Squirrel
City Rare Opossum
City Mythical Sewer Turtle
SS Sewer Turtle Variants

Mountain Common Goat
Mountain Common Cougar
Mountain Common Elk
Mountain Rare Eagle
Mountain Rare Coyote
Mountain Mythical Aatxe

Moon Common Moonkey
Moon Common Lunar Tick
Moon Common Tribble
Moon Rare Moonicorn
Moon Rare Luna Moth
Moon Mythical Jade Rabbit

Mars Common Rock
Mars Common Marsmot
Mars Common Marsmoset
Mars Rare Rover
Mars Rare Martian
Mars Mythical Marsmallow
Fantasy Common Slime
Fantasy Common
Fantasy Common
Fantasy Rare Bulette
Fantasy Rare Gazer
Fantasy Mythical Dragon

Vuunega Common Eelix
Vuunega Common Neomwa
Vuunega Common Quirlax
Vuunega Rare Aurix
Vuunega Rare Archaeotherium
Vuunega Mythical Zomm

Lunar New Year Limited
(January only)
Valentine's Day Limited
(February only)
St. Patrick's Day Limited
(March only)
Easter Limited
(April only)
Easter Bunny
(May only)
(June only)
Independence Day Limited
(July only)
Bald Eagle
(August only)
(September only)
Halloween Limited
(October only)
Thanksgiving Limited
(November only)
Christmas Limited
(December only)

Promotional Biome: Mushroom Kingdom Common Goomba
Mushroom Kingdom Common Koopa
Mushroom Kingdom Common Cheep Cheep
Mushroom Kingdom Rare Piranha Plant
Mushroom Kingdom Rare Chain Chomp
Mushroom Kingdom Mythical Bowser Clone

Promotional Biome: Hyrule Common ChuChu
Hyrule Common Octorok
Hyrule Common Keese
Hyrule Rare Tektite
Hyrule Rare Leever
Hyrule Mythical Moblin

Promotional Biome: Zebes Common Zoomer
Zebes Common Shriekbat
Zebes Common Sidehopper
Zebes Rare Space Pirate
Zebes Rare Kihunter
Zebes Mythical Metroid
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