Pokémon Predator & Prey
General Information
Series Pokémon
Genre(s) 2D Top-Down, Action, RPG
Platform(s) PC
Media/Distribution Direct download
Canvas map (preorder)
Release Date(s) On Hiatus
Series Information
Company Information
Developer Lunatic Entertainment
Publisher Nintendo
Designer(s) Thor Steinbach
Composer(s) Unspecified (CVTrax?)
Other Information
Creator Somarinoa

Pokémon Predator and Prey is a fan game set in the Pokémon universe created in conjuncture between Nintendo, Game Freak Inc and Lunatic Entertainment. Unlike most other Pokémon games, these games follows a darker storyline. Several new and unique features are introduced in these two games.

The game's main attraction was the idea of Pokémon consuming one another, but the secondary feature was various subspecies of existing Pokémon. However, with the release of Pokémon Sun & Moon and the Alola Forms, Predator & Prey went into hiatus status. Three other features included new evolutions for "orphaned" lineages such as Farfetch'd, an attempt to cover all type combinations that had not yet been touched upon by other Generations and the use of scrapped Pokémon that never made it into the games.



The game has the typical 18 types, as listed below:

Bug Dark Dragon Electric Fairy Fighting
Fire Flying Ghost Grass Ground Ice
Normal Poison Psychic Rock Steel Water


New to the game is that the games follow 2 non-conflicting related storylines, with each game following a similar path of two individuals attempting to accomplish the same overall goals. This allows a player who plays one game to more readily be willing to access the other to fully tell the complete storyline.

The game also introduces a new nation called Halask. In this region the usage of Pokémon is more controversial than in other locations, and protesters can be seen picketing here and there, primarily in major cities. The region also allows Pokémon to follow their natural dietary instincts, and having one's Pokémon eat wild Pokémon is neither illegal nor uncommon. If the player's Pokémon is battling against the correct type of Pokémon (not necessarily battle types but more specific such as types of insects or plants) than they have an option once the opponent has been weakened to eat the opponent (for predator Pokémon) or kill their predator (for prey Pokémon). Doing so will give the Pokémon stat increases, or in the case of predators will recover health. Instead, prey killing their foe won't increase health but they can instead graze in grass and tall grass. Canonical Pokémon who have had descriptions indicating their meal preferences will remain true to these revelations.

The two games also feature different starters, with Predator featuring three predator Pokémon starters, and Prey featuring three prey starters.

List of PokémonEdit

Pokédex No. Pokémon Diet Type Classification
000 MissingnoMissingno Normal Flying Glitch Pokémon
001 ErmatchErmatch Predator Fire Matchstick Pokémon
002 Weselarant Predator Fire
003 Warvosene Predator Fire Dark
003+ Mega Warvosene Predator Fire Dark
004 IgnetelIgnetel Prey Fire Upstart Prince Pokémon
005 Flareweed Prey Fire Questing Prince Pokémon
006 Putchking Prey Fire Grass Unwavering King Pokémon
006+ Mega Putchking Prey Fire Grass Unwavering King Pokémon
007 PankitPankit Predator Water Duck Cat Pokémon
008 Platterkat Pokemon 2Platterkat Predator Water Duck Lynx Pokémon
009 Pummelion Predator Water Fire Apex Duck Pokémon
009+ Mega Pummelion Predator Water Fire Apex Duck Pokémon
010 Prey Water
011 Prey Water
012 Prey Water Bug
012+ Prey Water Bug
013 Snaplyn Predator Grass Sneaky Cub Pokémon
014 Panthesy Predator Grass Shy Cat Pokémon
015 Dandileo Predator Grass Electric Wild King Pokémon
015+ Mega Dandileo Predator Grass Electric Wild King Pokémon
016 Stegon Prey Grass
017 Stegoluga Prey Grass
018 Thagomaster Prey Grass Water
018+ Mega Thagomaster Prey Grass Water
019 KokanaKokana Prey Bug Gentlebug Pokémon
020 KasanagiKasanagi Prey Bug Social Bug Pokémon
021 KasanightKasanight Prey Bug Fighting Surly Bug Pokémon
022 Fledgewing Predator Flying
023 Bacondor Predator Flying
024 Babiroost Predator Flying
025 Pichu Prey Electric Tiny Mouse Pokémon
026 Pikachu Prey Electric Mouse Pokémon
027 Raichu Prey Electric Mouse Pokémon
028 KabiinKabiin Predator Ghost Creepy Face Pokémon
029 Nidoran Prey Poison Poison Pin Pokémon
030 Nidorina Prey Poison Poison Pin Pokémon
031 Nidoqueen Predator Poison Ground Drill Pokémon
032 Nidorino Prey Poison Poison Pin Pokémon
033 Nidoking Predator Poison Ground Drill Pokémon
035 Ninjerbil Prey Electric Ghost Rogue Pokémon
036 NymfloatNymfloat Prey Bug Flying Aerostat Pokémon
037 LedybashLedybash Bug Flying Spotty Pokémon
038 Azurill Prey Normal Fairy Polka Dot Pokémon
039 Pikablu (subspecies of Marill) Prey Water Fairy Aqua Mouse Pokémon
040 Azumarill Prey Water Fairy Aqua Rabbit Pokémon
041 ZudracZudrac
(subspecies of Zubat)
Predator Poison Flying Bat Pokémon
042 GolulaGolula (subspecies of Golbat) Predator Poison Flying Bat Pokémon
043 DracroDracro (subspecies of Crobat) Predator Poison Flying Bat Pokémon
048 Toxipilla Prey Bug Poison Hornworm Pokémon
049 Thrashcase Prey Bug Poison Grumpy Shell Pokémon
050 Sonikoth Prey Bug Poison Hawk Moth Pokémon
050+ Mega Sonikoth Prey Bug Poison Hawk Moth Pokémon
051 Heracross Predator Bug Fighting Single Horn Pokémon
051+ Mega Heracross Predator Bug Fighting Single Horn Pokémon
052 Curlicle Predator Ice Icy Bird Pokémon
053 Snipiper Predator Ghost Ice Serac Bird Pokémon
054 Psyduck Prey Water Duck Pokémon
055 Golduck Prey Water Duck Pokémon
056 RokkuRokku Prey Rock Grapeshot Pokémon
057 Slingorn Prey Rock Slingshot Pokémon
058 Tunorn Prey Rock Tuning Fork Pokémon
059 Shellos SouthShellos Prey Water Sea Slug Pokémon
060 Gastrodon SouthGastrodon Prey Water Ground Sea Slug Pokémon
061 Buhi
Prey Normal Electric Slow Moving Pokémon
062 BufouetteBufouette Predator Electric Fighting Spinning Pokémon
063 Mira
UNSPECIFIED Forward Pokémon
064 Arim
UNSPECIFIED Backward Pokémon
066 GorillaimoGorillaimo Predator UNSPECIFIED Eighth Wonder Pokémon
067 WingoonWingoon (subspecies of Wingull) Predator Water Flying Seagull Pokémon
068 PlundipperPlundipper (subspecies of Pelipper) Predator Water Flying Water Bird Pokémon
069 HypnowagHypnowag Prey Water Psychic Impressionable Pokémon
070 NyoroppiNyoroppi Predator Water Psychic Squat Frog Pokémon
071 NyosukaNyosuka Predator Water Psychic Frog King Pokémon
072 TentacuteTentacute Predator Water Fairy Tiny Jelly Pokémon
073 TentaduelTentaduel (subspecies of Tentacool) Predator Water Poison Rival Jelly Pokémon
074 Tentarule (subspecies of Tentacruel) Predator Water Poison Jelly King Pokémon
075 Nosepass N/A Rock Compass Pokémon
076 Probopass N/A Rock Steel Compass Pokémon
077 Budew Prey Grass Poison Bud Pokémon
078 Roselia Prey Grass Poison Thorn Pokémon
079 Roserade Prey Grass Poison Bouquet Pokémon
080 Magnemite N/A Electric Steel Magnet Pokémon
081 Magneton N/A Electric Steel Magnet Pokémon
082 Magnezone N/A Electric Steel Magnet Area Pokémon
083 Farfetch'd Prey Normal Wild Duck Pokémon
084 Flonin Prey Normal Adrift Duck Pokémon
085 Miyamalard Prey Normal Steel Warrior Duck Pokémon
086 Hartebahn Prey Fire Electric
087 Avegnu Prey Fire Electric
088 Boulevaard Prey Fire Ground
089 Alleydillo Prey Fire Ground
090 Shellder Prey Water Bivalve Pokémon
091 ShellbroShellbro Predator Water Fighting Angry Clamp Pokémon
092 ShellkingShellking Prey Water Psychic Bliss Clam Pokémon
093 Combee Prey Bug Flying Tiny Bee Pokémon
094 Vespiquen Prey Bug Flying Beehive Pokémon
096 KurusuKurusu Predator Ice Sea Dog Pokémon
097 "KURUSU EVOLUTION" Predator Ice Sea Wolf Pokémon
098 Buku
Prey Water Poison Puffed Pokémon
099 StanglerStangler Predator Water Dark Ambush Pokémon
100 SwablakSwablak (subspecies of Swablu) Prey Normal Flying Cotton Bird Pokémon
101 Altarmigan (subspecies of Altaria) Prey Dragon Flying Humming Pokémon
101+ Mega Altarmigan (subspecies of Altaria) Prey Dragon Flying Humming Pokémon
102 Kangasquire Prey Normal Emancipated Pokémon
103 Kangaskhan Prey Normal Parent Pokémon
103+ Mega Kangaskhan Prey Normal Parent Pokémon
104 Cubone Prey Normal Lonely Pokémon
105 Marowak Prey Normal Bone Keeper Pokémon
106 Babirec Prey UNSPECIFIED Pickpocket Pokémon
107 Henchhog Prey UNSPECIFIED Lackey Pokémon
108 Kingpig Predator UNSPECIFIED Mastermind Pokémon
109 Koffing Poison Poison Gas Pokémon
110 Weezing Poison Poison Gas Pokémon
111 Hakking Poison Poison King Pokémon
112 Absol Predator Dark Disaster Pokémon
112+ Mega Absol Predator Dark Disaster Pokémon
113 Dronant Prey Bug Busy Ant Pokémon
114 Durant Predator Bug Steel Iron Ant Pokémon
115 Polant Predator Bug Grass Cutter Ant Pokémon
116 Firant Predator Bug Fire Fiery Ant Pokémon
117 Gunant Predator Bug Fighting Bullet Ant Pokémon
118 Fusant Predator Bug Dark Bomber Ant Pokémon
119 Buizel Predator Water Sea Weasel Pokémon
120 Floatzel Predator Water Sea Weasel Pokémon
121 Drifloon Predator Ghost Flying Balloon Pokémon
122 Drifblim Predator Ghost Flying Blimp Pokémon
123 Lingermax N/A Steel Lazy Cannon Pokémon
124 Widebertha N/A Steel Fat Cannon Pokémon
125 Dentipede N/A Steel Supergun Pokémon
126 SkiftoluSkiftolu (subspecies of Riolu) Predator Fighting Emanation Pokémon
127 "LUCARIO REGION VARIANT" (subspecies of Lucario) Predator Fighting Steel Aura Pokémon
127+ Mega "LUCARIO REGION VARIANT" (subspecies of Lucario) Predator Fighting Steel Aura Pokémon
128 MarinkMarink Prey Fairy Fire Warm Hamster Pokémon
129 HonogumaHonuguma Fairy Fire Burning Bear Pokémon
130 MimiiMimii Predator Water Star Travel Pokémon
131 "MIMII EVOLUTION" Predator Water
132 Ditto Unique Normal Transform Pokémon
133 Eevee Prey Normal Evolution Pokémon
134 Vaporeon Water Bubble Jet Pokémon
135 Jolteon Electric Lightning Pokémon
136 Flareon Fire Flame Pokémon
137 Espeon Psychic
138 Umbreon Dark
139 Leafeon Grass Verdant Pokémon
140 Glaceon Ice Fresh Snow Pokémon
141 Sylveon Fairy Intertwining Pokémon
142 Antherabit Prey Normal Grass Petal Bunny Pokémon
143 Tulepus Prey Grass Flying Flower Hare Pokémon
144 PestonePestone Prey Dragon Rock Rock Baby Pokémon
145 GodzillanteGodzillante Predator Dragon Fire City Terror Pokémon
146 TyranteTyrante Predator Dragon Steel Crag Lizard Pokémon
147 Rigla Prey Bug Ice Wiggly Worm Pokémon
148 Tumbla N/A Bug Ice Box Shell Pokémon
149 Kulex Predator Bug Ice Vampire Pokémon
154 Greeby UNSPECIFIED Paranoid Pokémon
155 Loonest Prey UNSPECIFIED Protective Pokémon
156 Prey UNSPECIFIED Field Trip Pokémon
157 Heruppi Prey Normal Dark Wanderlust Pokémon
158 Axolunge Prey Fighting Fairy Powerhouse Pokémon
159 Olmesper Prey Dark Psychic Clairvoyant Pokémon
160 DragonautDragonaut Predator Water Dainty Eel Pokémon
161 NothogonNothogon Predator Water Surf Lizard Pokémon
162 ForagonForagon Predator Water Dragon Water Dragon Pokémon
163 PoppiPoppi Prey Bug Nervewrack Pokémon
164 PapyoPapyo Prey Bug Poison Stinkbug Pokémon
165 Klinka Prey UNSPECIFIED Cheers Pokémon
166 Stemtenna Prey UNSPECIFIED Classy Pokémon
167 Celebreetle Prey UNSPECIFIED Big Event Pokémon
168 Splishy Prey Water Wishful Fish Pokémon
169 Splashy Prey Water Flying Flying Fish Pokémon
170 Krashy Predator Water Flying Diving Bird Pokémon
171 HappaHappa Prey Grass Sprout Pokémon
172 Bokashi Prey Grass Compost Pokémon
173 HeepaluxysHeepaluxys Prey Grass Renewal Pokémon
174 BurneepBurneep Fire Warm Chick Pokémon
176 Blatias Fire
177 TerrapondTerrapond Water Longing Pokémon
178 Archelake Water Nautical Pokémon
179 Karabajio Water Shore Leave Pokémon
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