NRG is a radioactive energy being with Russian accent, encased within an oven-like invulnerable containment suit that contains his radiation. When released, he is able to shoot energy beams and can create intense heat, enough to create the intensity of a nuclear bomb; he is capable of becoming intangible, so he cannot be touched except by the material his armor is made of. His armor is so tough that can only be broken with a sharp piece of Taedenite; but even trapped in the armor; he can still use part of his power when is released, can shoot energy beams through the holes of the viewfinder, and can generate intense heat, being able to create magma; and have the super-human strength. Ben first transformed into NRG by accident to defeat the 10-year old Ben as the original Heatblast in "The Forge of the Creation".

In Ben 10: Omniverse, his new design includes a handle-like form on the top of his head, and has bolts on his body.

NRG-Ben Ten Alien
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