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Lunatic Entertainment
Founder Somarinoa
Type Video Game/Movie/Novel Company
Founded 1995
Headquarters Anchorage, Alaska
Area Covered North America
Employees 2

Lunatic Entertainment is a game, movie and novel company founded by Somarinoa initially founded in 1995, though it remained unnamed until 1996. While it primarily creates original works, it also has produced a number of fangames as well.

Original Games[]

Baka Tachishoben series[]

  1. Baka Osero Tachishoben
  2. Baka Geemu Tachishoben
  3. Baka Kusoge Tachishoben

Dude Manbro series[]

  1. Dude Manbro and the Macho Crusade
  2. Dude Manbro and the Ultra Bodacious Babes of Boobulon

Galactic Expanse Metaseries[]

  1. GODex
  2. Have You Got the Balls?!
  3. Hybrid
  4. Intergalactic Bounty Hunter
  5. Invasion from the Macrocosm
  6. Junker: Slow Orbit
  7. S.C.U.M. O.F. The Earth
  8. Shipwreck
  9. Star Cleaner
  10. Starcatch
  11. Xrosroads

Alien Dinosaur Trophy Hunter Series[]

  1. Alien Dinosaur Trophy Hunter
  2. Alien Dinosaur Trophy Hunter 2
  3. Alien Dinosaur Trophy Hunter 3

Conquest Series[]

  1. Nodh vs. Narc: A Conquest of Galaxies
  2. Kalindra: Another Conquest
  3. The Secret of Hush: Conquest 3

Diakatan Series[]

  1. Alternate Fantasy
  2. Diakatan Online
  3. Five Heroes
  4. Legend of the Dragoon
  5. Legend of the Dragoon II
  6. Legend of the Dragoon III
  7. Monster Space

Immortal Greed Series[]

  1. Immortal Greed
  2. Immortal Greed 2: Unrest
  3. Immortal Greed 3: Chaos

Master of Survival Series[]

  1. Master of Survival
  2. Master of Survival: Slipaway
  3. Master of Survival: Deliver Every Friday
  4. Master of Survival: Quit Using Inside the Office

Mega Somarinoa Series[]

  1. Mega Somarinoa
  2. Mega Somarinoa 2
  3. Mega Somarinoa: Age of Restoration
  4. Mega Somarinoa: Future Imperfect

Scourge Series[]

  1. Scourge
  2. Crux: Scourge II

The Vuunega Chronicles[]

  1. The Vuunega Chronicles: The Zomm
  2. The Vuunega Chronicles: Story of the Aurix


  1. Monster Space
  2. Dangerous Wilds
  3. Urth

They Rise Series[]

  1. They Rise
  2. They Rise: Denali Deathmarch
  3. They Rise: Ground Zero

Seriesless Games[]

  1. A Distant Howl
  2. Alternate Bionics Just Elongate Oroborous' Alpha-Dextrous Janglomaton Feature, Killing Legionous Eradication Androids Of Infinite Hyperdrive Diamonds (Filled Liquid Kryptonian Neutrons By Negating Malfunctioning Atomic Energies) - Quantum Pouncing Orobouros from Jean 2000 - Deadly Jean Fuel Killers Hide Secret Horrors From Kardeidus deo, Wailing Planet Xenomorphic Monstrosities 3: Shadow of a Walrus
  3. Artist Fantasy
  4. Battle Royale
  5. Beetle
  6. Biota
  7. Catch the—! ...Guy. (Released 2009)
  8. Choice
  9. Corvid Nineteen
  10. DEMOlish
  11. DFS: Dead Friend Society
  12. Doctorate War
  13. Fighter's Union
  14. Four Paths
  15. Gaygents
  16. Girls' Night Out!
  17. God Eraser
  18. Grown
  19. Kevin Poacher, MD
  20. Kid Spuid
  21. Kill Jeff!!
  22. Killer & Sass
  23. Long Story
  24. Mimickiller
  25. Murder, She Wrote
  26. Navigable Waters
  27. No More Heroes
  28. Oe Kaki: The Wacom of Fate
  29. Penniless Knight
  30. PUGET
  31. Real Polite Gentlemen
  32. Roguerage
  33. Shitson!
  34. Slicer's Debate
  35. Spree
  36. Stasis: Fettered
  37. Teatime for Transients
  38. Thrillseeker Killseeker
  39. Tower of Vuul
  40. Troublesome Dicks
  41. Trundle & Bunk in the Kingdom of Dreams
  42. We Are All But Animals
  43. Where Is Your God Now?
  44. Wrestlevania

Fan Games[]

Blizzard Series[]


Capcom Series[]

Mega Man[]

Games listed in chronological order as opposed to alphabetical.

  • Mega Man Amalgamation
  • Mega Man Grand Tour
  • Wily Rejects series:
    • Mega Man: The Wily Rejects
    • Mega Man: The Wily Rejects 2
    • Mega Man: The Wily Rejects 3
  • Mega Man: Project ANURA
  • Mega Man: Project CROAK
  • Mega Man Remix
  • Mega Man Invasion
  • Mega Man Pandemic
  • Mega Man K (Series)
  • Mega Man seX
  • Mega Man XZ
  • Mega Man Recoil
  • Megaman Tempo
    • Mega Man Tempo: Sanity's Affliction
    • Mega Man Tempo: Solution Temporary
    • Mega Man Tempo: Oppositional Juggernaut
    • Mega Man Tempo: Lazarus Mark
    • Mega Man Tempo: Contingent Thought
    • Mega Man Tempo: Falsified Identity
    • Mega Man Tempo: Dashed Reverie
    • Mega Man Tempo: Aberrant Uprising:
    • Mega Man Tempo: Transmogrified Amalgamation
    • Mega Man Tempo: End Game
    • Megaman Tempo Online
Resident Evil[]

D3 Series[]

Earth Defense Force[]

Disney Series[]

Mickey Mouse & Friends[]

Insomniac Games[]

Spyro the Dragon[]
  • Spyro the Flagon: Ripto's Raging Alcoholism

Konami Series[]

Silent Hill[]

Midway Series[]

Mortal Kombat[]

Namco Series[]

Klonoa Series[]
  • Klonoa Dreamscapes

Nintendo Series[]

Super Mario Bros.[]
The Legend of Zelda[]

Sega Series[]

Sonic the Hedgehog[]

Supermassive Series[]

Miscellaneous Games[]


  • A Dover Drive in Overdrive
  • Angel Grove Falls: Aliens vs. Power Rangers (Action Horror)
  • Ash vs. Predator (Action Horror)
  • Aurora Gorealis (Horror)
  • Balls of Holly (Transgender Holiday)
  • Clonan
  • Cockblock (Semi-Adult Film)
  • Critters Gaiden: Chilled Desserts (Comedy-Horror)
  • Gummi Bears vs. Care Bears vs. Real Fucking Bears (High Adventure)
  • K2 The Movie: K2 vs. Killer Kobra
  • Kindergarten RoboCop
  • Night of the Mung Mutants (Raunchy Horror)
  • Night of the Shirts (Ultraviolent Horror)
  • Peter Jackson's Adventures of the Gummi Bears (High Adventure)
  • Pizza By The Slice! (Slasher Thriller)
  • Qupqugiaq (Horror)
  • Rock Me Amadeus (Sci-Fi)
  • Santa Snaps (Slasher Thriller)
  • The Desire of Deadly Doom (Comedy-Horror)
  • The Insatiable Hunger of the Damned (Horror)
  • Weedkiller (Horror)

Blarney Stone series[]

The "Blarney Stone" series is a spinoff of the movie A Fish Called Wanda, which quickly loses its way and forgets where its origins lay.

  • A Fish Called Blarney Stone
  • Romancing the Blarney Stone
  • The Jewel of the Green Mile
  • Crazy Twin Laser Death Puppies

Murder Kingdom series[]

A series of mostly unrelated slasher films involving various gimmicky slasher characters who are named after various animals.

  • The Annelid
  • The Bear
  • The Scavenger
  • The Urchin

Star Whores series[]

A series of adult films parodying the Star Wars films. Possess more emphasis on story than most modern adult films in the industry. Laced with humor.

  • Jeddy Mind Tricks
  • Star Whores Episode 1: The Phantom Man Ass
  • Star Whores Episode 2: Attack of the Moans
  • Star Whores Episode 3: Revenge of the Stiff
  • Star Whores Episode 4: A Nude Hope
  • Star Whores Episode 5: The Empire Dykes Whack
  • Star Whores Episode 6: Return of the Jeddy

Vampire Treasure Hunter series[]

  • Vampire Treasure Hunter
  • Succubus Electrician (Prequel)
  • Deep One Dentist (Sequel)





Employee Name Job
Thor Steinbach CEO, Game Director, Developer, Enemy & Character Design
Scott Root Music