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Creativity Wiki is an encyclopedia intended to work as a home for anything a person may come up with through the use of their creativity and/or imagination—characters, games, stories, objects or locations, songs, artwork or poetry, and anything in-between. Both fanon (fan-based fictional canon), completely original content and content that may come somewhere in-between these aspects are therefore equally welcome here, as are simple ideas for things such as inventions or personal beliefs.

Users should be aware that both mature content and adult content is allowed, though the contributing user to add it should flag the article(s) as such through the provided categories to serve as a warning to other viewers. The templates "Mature" and "Adults Only" ought to be added to each article this pertains to; however if the user prefers a normal text warning this is also allowed. However if this text warning is used on an Adults Only article please keep any questionable imagery or words below the first "screen" to better protect those younger viewers.

New users should familiarize themselves with our good faith policy. If any user has questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to ask the local staff:

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