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Caer Draer is a walled fortress city along the shores of Mainland, meant to protect its borders (along with seven other fortresses) from the threat of invasion by sea—primarily to protect the country from the forces of Mordecai, seen the world over as a great threat to everyone's very existence. However, the fort fell in a single night and now hosts a throng of Goblin inhabitants instead.

Economic statusEdit

The economic status of the fort depends upon whom you ask. Initially, it had zero economic status as it was intended to focus on coastal defense as opposed to mercantile. However, with the immigration of the Goblins huge amounts of in-trading now occurs, leaving its economy in constant turmoil, with prices fluctuating on items sometimes several times daily. Outsiders consider this "economy" to be a fallacy and therefore deem the fort to still have zero economic status.


Fall of Caer DraerEdit

Eventually, the guardsmen would come to see several Myrjilonian warships floating in their direction and believing the fort to once again be under siege, ordered the attack. The event was minor and no ships even came close to shore, sunk thanks to the bastion's heavy complement of cannons. As was customary, the entirety of the town's inhabitants—children included—got drunk in celebration of their victory over their foes and the job well done in protecting the kingdom as a whole.

Unfortunately for the fort, the entire situation had been a clever set up from the very beginning. An agent of Mordecai's had secretly snuck in amongst the chaos of "battle" and spiked the alcohol, leading all drunken citizens to fall into a deep, trance-like sleep. The boats offshore had been a ruse and had been unmanned, and the actual invading force—Goblins—had snuck in through the sewers. With every citizen asleep, the Goblins quickly slaughtered all of the inhabitants and claimed the fortress as their own.

Since the fallEdit

Now considered a 'pleasant' Goblin town (at least amongst Goblins themselves), the Mainlanders have time and again attempted to retake Caer Draer; unfortunately for them, the sheer number of Goblins inhabiting the fort has so far left it impossible to reclaim. Although other shore fortresses have been lost, Draer is one of only two that were lost to outside forces—the other being Caer Baer.


The current leader of the fort is unknown to outsiders, although knowing Goblin culture it is most likely ever-changing and nearly impossible to keep track of as various usurpers tend to assassinate current rulers and take their spot, often within days of a coronation. However, due to the Goblins' affiliations, the fort is officially ruled over by the great lich, Vordathco Mordecai.

List of former leadersEdit